About our approaches to safety and security


Fundamental principles for quality management

3 principles for quality management

We hold three basic principles exploit by TQM as below. 


The places to produce

The places to produce

  •  ◇Maintenance and Management of its environment conducted by HACCP system
  •  ◇Environment of producing sanitation-checked regularly
     ◇Production line introduced by the latest equipment and machineries
     ◇Maintenance and inspection of equipment manufacturer
     ◇Measures of illuminating vermin conducted by the specialists
     ◇Management of the temperature of factories
     ◇Setting up some security cameras watching manufacturing line

Producer to manage the health and safety for workers

  • Producer to manage the health and safety for workers
  •    ◇Checking workers’ temperatures before entering the inside
  •  ◇Checking by metal detector
     ◇Conducting 3 types of stool tests
      ・a normal stool test
      ・a stool test for world passengers
      ・Norovirus test
     ◇Distinction management for requiring injured people to wear masks
     ◇Washing hands with isodine holding the power to prevent from norovirus
     ◇Checking the sanitation after washing hands
     ◇Wearing two gloves after washing hands

Productions to make

Productions to make
  •  ◇Checking the factories producing the ingredients
     ◇Checking producing districts and qualities of ingredients regularly
     ◇Setting up durable life of new productions with both scientific and rational grounds
     ◇Checking the quality of productions ( microbe tests, physics and chemistry tests and sensual tests)
     ◇A spot checking of ingredients and manufacturing line
     ◇Appropriate indicators holding the latest legal information